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fgIf you are unable to download the latest PUBG Mobile update from the play store then you can download the latest PUBG Mobile New Era update from here. It is tested and it is working fine. The latest The PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update has finally been rolled
out to global users around the world.
PUBG Officials have been working hard to provide a good environment to its users. Many players have been waiting for this latest PUBG Mobile Update. People in India won’t be getting this on Playstore because of PUBG BAN from the Indian government. But here is the fix for you to download the PUBG Mobile update.
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What’s New: PUBG MOBILE VERSION 1.0 Update

In case you missed it, Tencent recently announced PUBG Mobile 1.0, aptly-titled ‘a new era’. The update seeks to bring PUBG Mobile back into the limelight, with graphical improvements, a revamped UI, and lighting changes. It will launch September 8, and you can check out the full list of changes by reading the patch notes below:

New Erangel:

Updated sky, land, water, and vegetation
Building changes
Large resource point changes
Mylta Power: remodel with new building layout
Quarry: improved textures, adjusted building layouts, and seven new warehouses
Prison: adjusted terrain, added walls, new building layouts
Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and constructions
Adjusted the structure of some urban areas
Some buildings now have basements

Livik improvements:

New weapon: M1014 is a semi-automatic shotgun with seven rounds
Improved rock, water, and waterfalls textures
Reduced advantages of the scaffolding opposite the waterfall
Increased water depth above the waterfall
The large boat is replaced with a speedboat, which refreshes, and can be used in narrow waterways
Minor changes to supply drops
Adjusted grass distribution
Fixed the monster truck getting stuck and tree disappearing glitches
Beyond A.C.E:

Mysterious energy towers remain in Erangel.

Players can redeem supplies from these towers by meeting certain conditions in combat
Players have a chance to enter this mode during Erangel matchmaking in classic mode
EvoGround additions:

Payload 2.0: fully armed vehicles including a new helicopter

Take the base and find new superweapon crates which contain heavy weaponry and powerful items
Advanced communication towers allow players to respawn defeated teammates
New vehicles: armed UASZ, Dacia, Buggy, and Pickup
New heavy weaponry: AT-4 laser-guided missile and M202 four barreled rocket launcher
New items: UAV controller, man-portable radar, bomb suit
Halloween infection mode:

Infection mode returns October 23

Zombies wear Halloween masks with appropriate decorations

Security improvements:

Added a penalty strategy to target the newest plug-ins/cheaters
Improved the process and policy to react and combat new hacks more swiftly

Graphics improvements:

Improved the skin textures for character models
Introduced more natural transitions between parachute drop animations
Adjusted building and terrain transitions
Better lighting
Improved hair quality
New water surface shaders
More accurate models for weapon sights
Better shell ejection animations while firing
Improved the display of crosshairs for the holographic, red dot, and optical sights

Other improvements:

Most cellphones can support 90 FPS
Tommy gun can now be equipped with a red dot or holo sight
UMP45: higher rate of fire and damage
DBS: can now spawn on the ground
Improved monster truck model
Firing removes invincibility in the arena mode
Cheer pack extreme arena: opens October 23, fight zombies in a transparent building
New UI
Royale pass season 15
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