How To Install MODs In GTA 5 || GTA V Latest MENYoo PC Trainer

Looking for a list of ridiculous GTA 5 mods? No longer just a few cheats and trainers, the modding scene is now rife with crazy additions, useful tweaks, and big transformations.

If you’re considering adding a few little non-developer-approved improvements to one of the best open-world games, take your pick from our list of the best available.
A word of caution: many of these mods make use of ‘memory hooks’ to enable them to tinker with the fundamentals of the game, and if you try to play GTA Online with them installed, you’ll be swiftly banned on suspicion of cheating. We recommend keeping a separate installation if you want to switch between GTA Online and a modded GTA V single-player experience frequently – definitely back up your game files before making changes. Alternatively, if you’re looking to spice things up in multiplayer, head over to our GTA RP server guide, apply to join a roleplay server as an NPC, and live out your dreams of roaming the streets as a vigilante grandma.


Installing GTA V mods is really simple. You just need to copy the mod files you’ve downloaded into the main GTA V folder. If you’re using the Steam version of the game, this will be probably be:
c:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
or similar. If you’re not using the Steam version, you’ll need to find the main game folder with the GTAV.exe file in.
Some of the more complex mods require the installation of additional tools, such as Script Hook V. You’ll need to download Script Hook V, open the .zip folder and find the ‘bin’ folder, and copy and paste the three files into the main Grand Theft Auto V folder. Installation guides for any additional tools, and occasionally full installers, are available on the mod download pages.

These advanced mods aren’t all guaranteed to work harmoniously together – by all means give combining them a shot, but you’ve got the best chance of a successful mod installation when working with the vanilla game as a base. Just in case you weren’t paying attention before – do not try to join GTA Online with a modded game unless you’re a glutton for digital punishment.

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